Superbugs. We’ve heard about them for years. Bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics making treatment ineffective. It’s a scary thought that infections which we had become relatively unconcerned about because of years of medical evolution are again becoming serious conditions. What’s going to happen when antibiotics can no longer be used as a treatment? Tooth infections, ear infections, minor surgeries, UTI’s.


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To be honest, I thought it was media hype until it happened to me.

I developed my first UTI in November last year. I thought I had the flu, and called a home visiting GP just to get a sick certificate for the days I had off work. I was diagnosed with a UTI, and given a script for some antibiotics. This was the beginning of my journey.

The last time I had antibiotics was when my wisdom teeth were removed, over 10 years ago. I had them once or twice as a child as well, and since I have never really been a sickly person I wasn’t too concerned about this infection. A few days after finishing my course of antibiotics, I started feeling unwell again and went to see my GP. Cultures were done, and new antibiotics were given. The culprit is e.coli growing in my system. This infection started off as being sensitive to about 8 or 10 antibiotics, to now just one. Each time I finished a course of antibiotics, I would have to be put on a different one. It has now been 4 months, and I have just finished my 9th course of antibiotics. I have been in hospital twice because of a possible spread to my kidneys and to get the antibiotics via IV. Now I am able to have nurses who can visit me in my home to administer it through a drip. My diagnosis has been changed to recurring chronic UTI’s. I have been tested for almost everything. I have had MRI’s and ultrasounds done, but the cause of the infection hasn’t been found yet. My GP is unsure whether I have the same infection that’s not being completely killed off, or if I develop new ones each time. This is something now being investigated.

Every area of my life is being affected by this. I’ve had more time off from work than Id like; I’ve had less interactive time with my kids because of the fatigue and fever; and being a single mum, it’s real hard to clean the house and do food shopping when all you want to do is lay down and sleep.

I haven’t got an answer to what happens if I become resistant to this last antibiotic. It’s not something I really want to think about. But each time I notice my fever developing, the fear slowly creeps back in to my mind.

I’ve started researching natural remedies. Natures antibiotics. It’s where our current day antibiotics came from originally, wasn’t it? Surely there’s got to be some benefit in taking these natural therapies. My daily routine now consists of probiotic, cranberry tablets, turmeric, multivitamins, manuka honey, and fresh lemon water. I try to throw in some apple cider vinegar too, but, well, it really tastes awful.


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Since developing this infection, I have met other women going through this as well. It seems to be much more common than I had originally thought. Why are our women developing their first UTI, and having it turn so quickly into a superbug almost untreatable?

Do you know of anyone who has been diagnosed with treatment resistant bacterial infection? Have you heard of any natural therapies that can work against the fight against bacteria? Do you have any theories of why we’re becoming resistant to antibiotics? Please share your thoughts.



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