1 – Aloe Vera Helps Eliminate The Visible Signs of Aging

A study which focused on internal aloe vera products such as juices and drinks unveiled that oral use of aloe vera resulted in lesser facial lines, wrinkles and improved skin elasticity. This came much to the researcher scientist teams surprise. So go out and grab yourself a ready-made healthy aloe vera drink off the supermarket shelf or health store today! Note we highly recommend not to take any unprocessed aloe from your garden.

This is because…

1.1 – There are over 400 species of aloe and only one is beneficial and the rest are not and even can be very toxic.

1.2 – Aloe Vera professionally processed removes the green leaf pigment and other unwanted byproducts as the green, for example, is carcinogenic.



2 – Deep Cleanse Your Skin

Are you a regular user of face washing products? Of course, you are. But did you know you can whip up an aloe vera face wash super fast to cleanse your face? It’s amazingly simple. You see aloe vera gel contains something called ‘saponins’. A 100% naturally soapy substance with true deep cleansing properties. Simply add some gel to water or apply and wash your face with gel. Face wash, sorted!


3 – Moisturises and Rehydrates Skin Cells

One of the really cool advantages of aloe vera is that it acts as a humectant (moisturising) and skin absolutely adores humectants. Being a humectant aloe vera draws moisture to your dry skin and helps to reduce water loss by the epidermis. Ran out of your daily hand cream? Try some aloe vera to hydrate your dry hands instead. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results.



4 – Soothe Sunburn with Aloe Gel

One of the most widely known facts about aloe is its ability to soothe and relieve sunburn symptoms. Backed by countless scientific studies it is well understood and works a treat. Most recent studies have revealed that applying aloe vera gel to your sunburned skin can help reduce redness and irritation and restore helps regenerate and reinvigorate dried-out skin cells.


5 – Aloe After Shaving

After a razor shave skin can become red and sensitive. This is commonly known as ‘razor burn’. Aloe vera gel is one of the best products for fixing the problem super easy and fast. Just rub a little bit of aloe gel on your skin after shaving and this beauty from nature will hold your razor burn at bay and make for happy smiles and faces. How does it work? The gel contains irritation fighting enzymes and peptides that help keep your skin calm, supple and smiling.



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